served® Insulated Serveware does three things that simply do not exist in other serveware options:

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1) They help keep your food to temperature through our best-in-class technology: vacuum insulation, copper lining, and a double wall.

2) They won't spill during transport. No more potato salad on your car's floor mats!

3) They'll still look great, whether at an elegant bridal shower or a tailgate.

served Insulated Serveware is the first, and only, insulated transportable serveware built to help you share incredible things.

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Make a lasting impression.

served allows you to make any culinary creation stand out. Whether you are sharing something simple or a complex melody of ingredients, served will take the presentation to a 5-star level.

Handle without care.

Grab served Insulated Serveware and go. The double-insulation prevents served from becoming too hot or too cold to handle. And served’s silicone-sealed lids keep food in and not on the floor mats of your car.

Your food is already ready.

served Insulated Serveware is vacuum-insulated, double-walled, copper-lined, and stainless steel to keeps food warm or cold. Your food can be eaten upon arrival – no reheating or chilling necessary. Never worry about serving warm potato salad again!

It's good to go.

served Insulated Serveware is durable enough to take on a camping trip – yet elegant enough to use at a baby shower. With a variety of styles to choose from, served is great for every occasion. Tailgates? Definitely. Happy hours? You bet. PTO meetings? Absolutely.

Where There’s Food, There’s Connection.

Why do we care so much about creating the perfect serveware? We believe that sharing food is what brings friends, families, and communities together. 

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served is all about coming together.

served Insulated Serveware is committed to giving back to the community. At the end of each calendar year, served will donate 5% of its profits to community-based charities anywhere in the world.

Learn more about this initiative

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served® is based in and ships from North Carolina, where founder Bryn Wilson lives with her husband, three children, and their golden retriever. served was born from Bryn’s frustration with how difficult it was to transport and serve the recipes she was sharing. After wrestling rectangular plastic wrap over a round serving bowl and anxiously hoping it wouldn’t get spilled in the car – it inevitably ended in disappointment with wilted salad or congealed macaroni and cheese to share with friends and family. So, she came up with a better solution... insulated transportable serveware! since served is all about sharing and connection, we have pledged 5% of profits to community-based nonprofits around the world.