Vacuum-insulated pitchers with beverage names written on them.

served® is the premium vacuum-insulated serveware in the marketplace.  We didn’t sacrifice form for function, and we’ve kept the “fun” in functional.  You can use chalk markers to write on served pieces—either a happy message related to the occasion…


or the practical information as to the contents of the piece:


Just wipe it off when you’re finished, and it’s good as new.  Make sure to use high-quality chalk markers so that it doesn’t leave a permanent mark.  Be careful with high contrast (like the black on white shown above) for the same reason.

Where you may want to leave a permanent mark is the name label on the bottom.  Permanent marker works well here, and this ensures you will always get your served pieces back!  We don't want to say we've thought of everything, but this is much more civilized than the day-after pictures of forgotten dishes trying to get back to their rightful owners or a piece of masking tape across the side of the dish.

Written by Bryn Wilson

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