Bowl-d (& Pitcher) Declarations

Okay, okay, I know it’s time to cut to the chase. We’re in the world of memes, TikToks, and soundbites. Enough background, enough equivocating. What does our independent third-party testing indicate in terms of product performance?

Our served® vacuum-insulated Pitcher is quite something, if we may say so ourselves. Hot coffee stays hot for 6 hours! Conservatively, cold water stays cold for 12 hours! Which is to say, it went up a mere 2.4 degrees over a twelve-hour testing period. In fact, in the entire 24-hour testing period—one whole day—the water only gained 5.6 degrees of temperature. We’ve left ice in our Pitcher overnight, and it is still frozen the next morning. Margaritas for daaaaaays.

And, seved®’s vacuum-insulated Large Serving Bowl is also up to the task. It keeps hot food hot for 2-4 hours, depending on the density, starting temperature, and water content. And, it keeps cold foods cold for up to 4 hours! (Always, with food, please be safe and smart. Foodborne pathogens are a thing; heating and refrigeration are required for a reason.)

You can make your signature dish, throw it under your arm, get to your friends’, have a cocktail, and still have confidence that your food will taste great when it’s time to eat. With served, form really has met function. Cheers to that!

Written by Bryn Wilson

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