served Vacuum-Insulated Small Serving Bowl (.625Q) - White Icing

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There is no better way to keep, transport, or serve guacamole than this incredible bowl. It’s stainless steel, double-walled, copper-lined, and vacuum-sealed so it keeps the food temperature exactly as you want it - no matter what the outside temp is. That means your guac stays greener, longer. 

The double-walled Tritan lid is not just an engineering feat to keep the food inside to temperature, it is also designed to just plain keep the food inside. Our self-sealing gasket creates a spill-proof barrier that holds the lid securely in place.

This bowl is simple enough for guac at a tailgate party or elegant enough for aioli at a dinner party.

6” X 2.67”

Hand wash. Not microwave safe. Not oven/stove safe.