served Vacuum-Insulated Small Serving Bowl (.625Q) - Golden

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This bowl is GOLD in every sense of the word! Of course the color is amazing, but the function is irreplaceable. It’s stainless steel, double-walled, copper-lined, and vacuum-sealed so it can keep the food inside to temperature without being affected by the temperature outside. Use it indoors to keep dinner warm until serving – or – use it outdoors to keep food exactly as you prepared it for hours. That’s golden.

It's important to also mention our patent-pending, double-walled Tritan lid. It’s designed to keep the food inside to temperature – all while it’s keeping the food safely inside.

Impress your friends, impress your family, heck, you may even impress yourself with all the ways this bowl (?) makes your life golden.

6” X 2.67”

Hand wash. Not microwave safe. Not oven/stove safe.