Pitcher (2L) - Blue Lemonade

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This bright and fun pitcher fits right into the party. Just be sure to write your name on it so no one confuses it with the presents.

Our 2 liter (66 ounce) stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated, double-walled pitcher keeps the mood high and the temperature low (pause) unless you are using it for hot drinks - then it keeps it high. The point is, it holds temperature for hours, so your cold drinks stay icy, your hot drinks stay steamy, and your party is anything but luke-warm.

Our “Don't Sweat It” promise means you can pass the Sangria without it slipping from your hands and becoming a party foul.

Finally, the silicone-sealed lid keeps the drinks contained all the way up until the point you want them to start flowing. And even then, our pitcher is designed to pour neatly and prevent spilling.

5" X 9"

Hand wash recommended. Not microwave safe. Not oven/stove safe.

Product Features


Vacuum-Insulated, Copper-Lined Double Wall

Premium design delivers excellent temperature retention, keeping beverages warm or cool


Stainless Steel Material

Durable and strong material won’t break, making it easy to take drinks anywhere


Silicone-Sealed Lid

Air-tight lid seals to prevent spillage and preserve drink temperature


Sleek Finish

Modern exterior design is sweat-proof and table-ready for any occasion


Designed in the U.S.

Designed locally in the United States

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Joe J.
Nothing better!

I enjoy batching cocktails and have a hard time finding something that keeps the drinks cold, allows for shaking, looks good, and is easy to clean! These hit on all counts. Glad we bought 2.

Larry L.

It really is a well made and beautiful piece, function and appearance are great.

Greg M.
Amazing Pitcher!

Finally someone is using the double wall technology in a pitcher. These pitchers are amazing! Pitcher of frozen drinks actually stays frozen, even in Florida! I use it out near the pool. Never any sweating, very stable-does not tip over and even if it did, the lid has you covered. Lid fits and works perfectly. Can’t say enough good things about this product. Great job Served!

Brent K.
Amazing Pitcher

What a fantastic pitcher. We have used it for both hot and cold beverages and they keep their temps perfectly. This will get a lot of use all year long.

Dana G.

Perfect for the summer by the pool

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