served Insulated Serveware Customer Reviews

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Too small

Thought it would be good for pot lucks but too small and a ridiculous price for something so small.

Great Pitcher

We love this pitcher because it keeps our beverages cold, it is sleek and attractive, the lid pours your beverage nicely and stays in place, and the handle is comfortable. This pitcher is easy to clean and makes a great gift.

Best insulated bowl and Pitcherever!

These products are the best for keeping things cold or hot. They work as they say they do.

My go to gift for this year

I absolutely love the bowl and pitcher. Both seal well with no leakage and fabulous temperature control. Perfect for summer potlucks and avoiding food poisoning.

Amazing temperature control

I received my bowl and was so excited to use it. I love everything about it. The size is perfect for any type of meal preparation. It holds the temperature magnificently. I’m so impressed with this product. I definitely will buy more.

Best Bowl Ever!

So thrilled to finally find a bowl that looks great and functions great!

Amazing product. My wife loves using it for dinners!

High-quality bowl that keeps foods hot/cold!

Nothing better!

I enjoy batching cocktails and have a hard time finding something that keeps the drinks cold, allows for shaking, looks good, and is easy to clean! These hit on all counts. Glad we bought 2.

Living Up to Expectation

We gathered with friends and family bringing along our 2.5 Qt bowl filled with a fruit salad chilled in the fridge. Between transporting it without issues using the firm fitting lid and opening it up for all to enjoy, the fruit remained chilled and refreshing on one of the hottest days so far this year. We will look forward to using it for similar outings as our previous one, including hot dishes, as well as using it for leftovers in our fridge when necessary.

Highly Recommend

So pleased with this bowl. Totally perfect for both cold or hot food use. Great seal. Good looking.
Have found my “go to” Hostess Gift.
Highly recommend. Definitely 5 Stars


kept watermelon cold on a hot hot day and even when it flew off the boat because my husband left the no wake too fast- it didn't spill!!!


It really is a well made and beautiful piece, function and appearance are great.

Amazing Pitcher!

Finally someone is using the double wall technology in a pitcher. These pitchers are amazing! Pitcher of frozen drinks actually stays frozen, even in Florida! I use it out near the pool. Never any sweating, very stable-does not tip over and even if it did, the lid has you covered. Lid fits and works perfectly. Can’t say enough good things about this product. Great job Served!

Amazing Pitcher

What a fantastic pitcher. We have used it for both hot and cold beverages and they keep their temps perfectly. This will get a lot of use all year long.

Perfect for the summer by the pool

My new best friend!

I can’t say enough about this amazing, amazing pitcher! I made Sangria to take to an outdoor sports party today.
The Sangria stayed chilled the entire time. However, the best part is that I never lost one single drop! The lid is totally secure and does not leak AT ALL!
Added bonus is that the pitcher is very stylish and simply looks good.

Perfect for the beach!

The pitcher is unbelievable on the beach!! - the lid doesn’t leak, stays on really snug, sand doesn’t stick to it (bc the pitcher doesn’t sweat, so nothing to stick onto), and the drinks stayed cold for hours - in the sun! The pitcher was larger than I expected too. Just a really sturdy but gorgeous pitcher - cannot recommend enough!! Love!!

Great Pitcher

Love my new pitcher! This is exactly what I've been looking for but could not find. I only needed to add a few ice cubes to my pitcher so that it stayed cold and did not dilute the drink down. I will be ordering more for entertaining large groups. Well done!

Fantastic Pitcher!

I love my Served pitcher in caviar. It is the perfect size and has a sleek design. I’ve used it for Easter brunch and to stay hydrated during the work week. I can’t wait to give it a test run with some margaritas! Highly recommend this product!

Terrific pitcher!

This pitcher is quite impressive and holds a lot more than it looks. I did the day long test, and it kept my ice and water cold from breakfast through dinner. It's an easy way for me to get in all of my ounces every day. I can't wait to use it poolside all summer so I won't have to keep getting up to go inside to the kitchen. I will order one for my mom and my sister for Mother's Day gifts.

My new favorite pitcher!

One morning, I made tea with ice, for dinner party that night. And it was still COLD in the evening! I plan to order another!

Why didn’t someone make this sooner?!

The insulated pitcher was everything we knew we needed but no one had made yet! The served pitcher was a perfect gift for the new mother in our life to keep hydrated while nursing her little one. I’m already ordering 2 more for upcoming wedding gifts! I’ve done the 12 hour ice challenge and it hardly changed (was going to do 24 hours but decided to pour myself a glass of ice cold water instead!

Fab Pitcher!

Just got my pitcher. SO vibrantly, gorgeously red. The form is super sleek - I wasn't expecting it to be so streamlined. It's got a surprising amount of heft; it's not cheaply constructed. This is a good thing, as I drop and break most glassware. =D I very much like the tab that opens/closes the lid. I tested it out with water today, and no spills when I tipped it to the side (fully closed) and only a few drops slowly escaped when I completely turned it upside down and held it there for a while. I even knocked it over to simulate overzealous kids reaching for a kool-aid pitcher, and no leakage! Only downside is that the base is not machine washable, but that's par for the course with insulated containers, and I guess it'll already be saving me kool-aid cleanup time, so I'll say we're even. =)

Survey says: gonna love this one. Looking forward to a summer of outdoor cool drinks with my new fab pitcher!

Love this!

Finally a pitcher that keeps beverages cold! I’m ordering another one!