The served® Difference (or, Why Our $79.99 Large Serving Bowl is Worth it)

When discussing our products, most of the time we hear “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Sometimes, we will also hear how x or y has a similar product….that may not have as high a price tag.  As is so often the case, you get what you pay for.  By incorporating all best-in-class technology, materials, and design, we came up with products that actually work.  What sets served’s products apart from other insulated bowls you may see on the market is our vacuum insulation, double-walled lid, and eye to the aesthetic.

The gold-standard, pièce de résistance, is our vacuum insulation.  Many bowls on the market are double-walled, but not vacuum-insulated.  Creating a vacuum between the two walls is THE BEST way to preserve temperature.  Period.  Using special machinery, the manufacturing process removes all of the air between the walls creating, well, a vacuum.  Making sure the vacuum is complete is very difficult to do in such large vessels.  To create sufficient pressure to remove the furthest pockets of air from the vacuum insertion point at the base of the vessel risks deforming the walls themselves.  We didn’t stop there, though.  We also included a copper lining on the interior of the inside wall.  This also helps lock in the temperature of the food.  Most insulated bowls on the market do not have these two critical insulative components to maximize temperature retention.

The vacuuming process was further complicated by our insistence on maintaining the classic profile of our bowls.  We were insistent on both form and function.  Had we moved to a flat-sided design, it would have been easier to weld the walls together or achieve the vacuum without deformation, but that would have meant sacrificing one of our core goals: serveware that looks great. 

Not far behind is our patent-pending double-wall lid design.  The ratio of the height of the sides to the diameter of the top opening on a bowl presents a real challenge for temperature retention.  The sides can be holding in temperature all day long, but, without a barrier at the top, it’s all for naught.  We therefore spared no expense on our bowl lid. 

The entire lid is made of Tritan® plastic, the premier material available.  It is of course BPA/BPS-free and it is also chemically inert, which means it does not in any way impact the flavor of your food.  It is also the most transparent option on the market, which was necessary for the overall aesthetic of our products.  We needed this bowl to be at home both on a picnic table at the campground and on a holiday table at your in-laws’. 

Given the relatively large diameter of the opening, a single-walled lid did not provide sufficient barrier, so we moved to a double-wall version.  The double wall also added real heft to the lid which, combined with our Goldilocks of gaskets that has just right tension, ensures that the lid will not pop off due to internal pressure from the heat of the food.   Our lid really is an engineering marvel.  It both seals and vents, through our clever staggered, in-gasket vents, and stays on, but also comes off.

With served®, you really do get what you pay for: superior temperature retention in a bowl that won’t spill and looks great. 

Written by Bryn Wilson