served®: When You Want the Best

When founder Bryn Wilson had the eureka moment that became served - to take the existing technology from our coffee mugs, wine glasses, and water bottles and put it into serveware - we knew existing players in the insulated hydration space would not be far behind and that new companies would also come on scene.  Sure enough, that's already happened.  Not only does this validate the idea and provide consumers with choice, we feel like it gives served® the opportunity to stand out from the crowd!  

At the outset, it is worth noting briefly that not all "double walled" or "insulated" bowls are vacuum-insulated, which is the gold standard of insulative technology.  The vacuum literally means removing the air between the two walls, creating, well, a vacuum.  (PSA: If you're buying any insulated product, whether it's served or not, the vacuum is the key piece to look for for temperature retention.)  The third component for top-notch insulation is copper plating on the interior of the interior wall.  served, of course, has all three: the double wall, the copper lining, and the vacuum.  

One of the hallmarks of the served brand is its elevated aesthetic. Sure, our products look great at a campsite...but they can also fit right in on a dining room table.  Our logo and printing is understated, our finish is consistent across the entire product - rim to rim, stem to stern, spout to handle--and we've taken the time (and expense) to weld our comfort-fit handle for a polished look. 

The next differentiator across our entire product line is our lid.  Let's start with the material, Tritan plastic.  Tritan is made in the USA and is the most transparent plastic on the market, adding to the premium look and feel of the product.  However, the real reason for using Tritan is that it is chemically inert, which is to say that it is not reactive to heat or cold.  Have you ever felt like your food or drink tasted funny from certain plastic containers?  It could be because the plastic used isn't chemically inert. 

Finally, let's talk lids.  Unique among all products on the market, our bowl lid is also double-walled.  We started with the same standard single-wall lid that is ubiquitous - and sufficient - in beverage vessels.  Proportionally, the opening at the top is smaller than the height where the insulation happens.  However, in a bowl, the proportions are reversed.  In our Large Serving Bowl, for instance, the height of the vacuum-insulated bowl is 4.4", whereas the opening at the top is 10", or over twice as big!  A simple single-walled lid simply did not cut it for temperature retention.  We were in this to create a product that actually works.  And that necessitated a double wall, which creates an additional air chamber to help retain more of the food's starting temperature. 

Also unique among other options on the market is the slider on our Pitcher lid.  Not only does this increase temperature retention, it makes the Pitcher easy to transport without worrying about spills!  To top of our functionality, we've got the name label on the bottom of all of our products to ensure your top-of-the-line insulated serveware is always returned to you!

All of the other brands in this space have some of these features, but nobody else has them all.  served®.  When you want the best.   


Written by Bryn Wilson

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